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Review of Hospital Authority

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The Hospital Authority (HA) has been providing a wide range of quality healthcare services since its establishment over 20 years ago. With the rapid ageing of the local population and increased aspiration for healthcare services in Hong Kong, the demand for quality public services is high and will be even higher in coming years. HA faces the double challenges of the increased cost of providing hospital care due to advance in medical technology and rising demand of an ageing population with changes in diseases pattern such as increased prevalence of chronic diseases.

In this connection, the Chief Executive announced in his Policy Address in 2013 that the Government would set up a steering committee to conduct a comprehensive review of the operation of HA to explore viable measures for enhancing the cost-effectiveness and quality of its services with a view to providing HA with increased capability to cope with the future challenges.

Established in August 2013, the Steering Committee on Review of HA was chaired by the Secretary for Food and Health and comprised 15 non-official members, five official members and two HA representatives. Non-official members of the Steering Committee comprised individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, including doctors, nurses, academics, frontline staff of HA, as well as representatives from the business and the welfare sectors and patient groups.

The Review covered the major areas with an impact on HA’s operation and service provision, including –

  1. management and organisation structure;
  2. resource management;
  3. staff management;
  4. cost effectiveness and service management; and
  5. overall management and control.

The Steering Committee convened nine meetings, conducted three public fora and three stakeholders’ fora, met with 31 professional organisations and patient groups, and participated in eight HA staff fora to listen to and exchange views with stakeholders. The Steering Committee has also received a total of 28 written submissions.

The Steering Committee published the Report on the Review in July 2015.


12 Apr 2019