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SFH on pilot scheme to support students with mental health needs

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Following is the transcript of remarks made by the Secretary for Food and Health, Dr Ko Wing-man, after attending a public function today (July 22):

Reporter: The report submitted by the Committee on Prevention of Student Suicides said the Food and Health Bureau would set up a multi-disciplinary platform launching a pilot scheme to support students with mental health needs. What actually are the measures?

Secretary for Food and Health: I think it is very important that teachers, social workers as well as parents could be trained so that they would be more confident and have the necessary knowledge to identify the symptoms of students who have some emotional problems. They could pick up the problematic students at the early stage to allow prompt intervention.

Reporter: So what kind of training will be provided to those teachers and parents?

Secretary for Food and Health: Most importantly, we hope teachers and parents can recognise early signs, symptoms and behaviour of students who have emotional disturbance.

Reporter: Are there any seminars for them to attend so that they could distinguish ...?

Secretary for Food and Health: We will provide different forms of training including seminars, talks and sharing sessions.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Friday, July 22, 2016
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